A Little About Me..

designingHello, and thank you very much for visiting my website! My name is Tomoe, and I am the owner of Kiborin Art (Wood Carving | Graphic Design) in Bellingham, Washington.

As a child, I learned the skill of wood carving and I have recently rediscovered my love for working with this medium. I first tried carving when I was in 3rd grade. My classroom teacher taught us how to make a woodblock printing. I was so fascinated by the process that I learned how to use a variety of carving knives in one semester. By 5th grade, I was using a scroll saw and cutting shapes I had designed. My mom also was my teacher (kind of). She took professional wood carving classes, and our house was full of her carving works. I learned a lot by watching her for many hours.

My wood carving style is called ‘Relief Carving’. Relief carving comes in two styles: high relief and low relief. Most of my wood carving works are somewhere between high and low relief. When I am not carving, and/or creating digital art, I am sure to be found either hiking/camping or spending time with family and friends.


One of my mom's amazing carvings!


My5th grade school project.


My middle school project (music box).