Disposable Camera – Developed Photos

On March 10, 2019, my handsome muggle sea captain husband took me (kiborin) and my friend Carol (PNWbrat) to Patos Island on March 10th. Our main goal was to find GCP3TP. The last time someone found the cache was in September, 2015. By reading the previous logs, we were not expecting trails to exist, and we were right about that. We had to bushwhack all the way to the shore, and bushwhack again to find the cache. This was one of the most memorable and an amazing find, and I would definitely go back just to enjoy the view!

Inside of the container, we found an old disposable camera. The expiration date on the camera said 2006. I decided to take this camera home and see if I could find a place to develop the photos. 10 days later, I received 20, mostly faded photos.

I did the quick color corrections, so they are not all completely faded. I could identify some of the cachers in these photos. Unfortunately, some of these photos are near unfixable. Can anyone identify some of the cachers? If you are a cacher in one of these photos and would like me to do the photo retouching and restoration (I do this professionally for my job) and send it to you, please send me a message via Geocaching.com (geocaching name: kiborin). 🙂